Tell Us: What’s The Worst Decision You’ve Ever Made?


How would your life be different now if you had a framework to help you avoid that decision? 

Firstly, we hope everyone enjoyed season 2 of our podcast – and our special guests including Sh. AbdulNasir Jangda and an exclusive interview with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. We are hard at work on season 3, and we will be sending out details about it in the near future.

Over the past year we have been quietly working on some new material related to decision making frameworks. Things like how emotions sometimes cause us to ignore halal, haram, and just good plain financial common sense.

With the new year coming up, we wanted to help equip you with this framework. But first, we need your help. We need to hear from you about some of these financial decisions.  We’ve put up a quick survey that’s only 2 questions.

Survey link:

Please click the link to take it, and also forward it to at least one friend – it would help us out a lot.

Omar Usman

Omar Usman is a founding member of MuslimMatters, Qalam Institute, Muslim Strategic Initiative, and Debt Free Muslims. He is a regular khateeb and has served in different administrative capacities in various national and local Islamic organizations. You can follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @ibnabeeomar. Check out his latest project at Fiqh of Social Media.

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  1. Mohd asif khan
    November 25, 2015

    Salaam alaykum, i took oit interest only morgage on my house which i live inn, after 10 years of paying out about £ 30, 000, im left with more than i borrowed, i think that was worst decision i made, im ljving with this everyday thinking aboit the haram aspects of paying interest.


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