Student Loans. Credits Cards. Home Mortgages. Debt. You’d be surprised at the number of people around you who are sinking under its weight, and many of them in your own congregation. We came to this painful realization ourselves a few years ago and what makes it worse is that there are almost zero resources available in our Muslim communities to help individuals navigate through one of the hardest tests in life.

Our goal is simple: to help our Muslim brothers and sisters become debt free. But we’re not just talking about handing out loans here. Lack of awareness about basic financial planning, something even as simple as budgeting, is one of the biggest reasons people fall in debt. Our mission, therefore, is to fill that void. What we offer is financial counseling and education. We direct you to resources that will help you live within your means and help you figure out your options if you have fallen into financial troubles.

DebtFreeMuslims is a Qalam Institute project led by Omar Usman and Adam Taufique, under the scholarly supervision and consultation of Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jandga. We started DebtFreeMuslims in February of 2013.